The composition and functions of the SRC have been determined as per the FET Act 16 of 2006. The SRC election process was held in February and they were inducted into the new office. The SRC comprises of students from various campuses and also represent the student body in various Council Committees.

The SRC activities for the year are planned and carried out accordingly. These are activities such as; a combined fresher’s ball held, the beauty pageant in September ending the year with the Student General Conference where ordinary students especially from the clubs and societies are invited to among other things; make inputs to existing SRC policies that are being reviewed annually.


Campus Life & Student Wellness furthermore facilitates various activities such as:

Orientation for new students

After the enrolment process, new students are introduced to relevant course information in order to assist them to achieve their personal objectives through a smooth transition to College life. They are orientated on among others; the following:

  •  services rendered at the college,
  •  activities they may engage in and
  • facilities available at the college.

Vibrant campus activities

Activities that the students engage in, included among others; the following:

  • Establishment of clubs such as Engineering Society at Ellis Park, Culinary Society for HHS,  Finesse at Parktown as well as Arts Society in Crown Mines.
  • Awareness days such as Human Rights day in March, Africa Day which was co-planned by Crown Mines Film Academy and Venenzuela with the theme being ‘the role of youth in arts, culture and science and politics’.
  • Substance abuse and HIV /AIDS awareness days held in an attempt to promote health and wellness which encompasses personal hygiene and care. This resulted in SANCA being invited by Alexandra campus and LOVELIFE at Ellis Park, Parktown and Highveld campuses.

Sport and culture activities

These take place throughout the year and included the following:

  • Inter-campus Sport Tournament held at Crown Mines,
  • GUCOSCA sport and culture activities such as league games, sport and culture festivals held at CJC’s Crown Mines and Sedibeng FET College respectively.
  • CJC sport and culture award to recognize students that participated in sport and culture activities which was held in October and about 250 students attended. The challenge though is to encourage female students to participate in such activities.