CEED is engaged in the career development, job readiness and entrepreneurship programmes which are aimed at supporting the students as they enter the college, during their academic stay and as they exit after successful completion of their studies. It operates under two units namely; Employment and Entrepreneurship Units. The programmes or activities that the Centre has been involved in are mentioned below under their respective units:

Employment Development Unit

(a)  Career Development Programme

Activities for the year included industry led Career Guidance workshops, tools and materials development and marketing of the portfolio to all CJC campuses and sites. On July 29, 150 current students and alumni from Laanglagte and Troyeville Campus participated in a seminar led by an IT industry specialist at the Laanglagte Campus. On August 19, 40 current students and alumni participated in an industry led seminar covering career pathways and opportunities in the marketing industry at Parktown Campus.

Former students of the College, Jaziel Brothers spoke to 50 of their peers at the Crown Mines Campus discussing the Music Industry and their personal experiences and career guidance. CJC former student working at Barloworld Equipment spoke to 47 of her peers at Ellis Park Campus, highlighting the opportunities in engineering at Barloworld Equipment and her personal experience following completion of her studies at the College. Furthermore, Walk-ins at CEED seeking Career Guidance did take place throughout the month of October.

(b) Job Readiness Programme

On October 7, 45 students from the School for Engineering Technology participated in the Electra Mining Expo and had a chance to interact with the exhibitors and get a sense of opportunities in the mining industry.

Furthermore; Quest Recruitment Services provided Job Readiness training for 65 students and alumni at the Parktown Campus in August. Other Job Readiness training sessions were led by Ms. Natalie Singer from the Association for Personnel Service Organization at Riverlea Campus for 170 exit level students and alumni while APSO provided a second session for 51 students and alumni on August 6 at Ellis Park Campus. Walk-ins totalling 228 were a normal sight at the Centre as students sought information on among others; higher education.

(c) Company Placement Services

The following services were rendered under Company Placement programme:

  • 20 Mechanical Engineering CVs were submitted to Ketha Staffing Solution.
  • Zanathi Recruitment Firm provided with 30 Mechanical Engineering CVs.
  • Malula Recruitment Agency created 30 opportunities for Hospitality students and alumni to work at the World Cup Fan Park though only 3 former students expressed interest in the opportunity.
  • Soweto Focus Point created 18 opportunities to employ HHS exiting N6 students and 10 responded positively.
  • Edcon Group requested 50 CVs for N5 and N6 students in various courses.
  • Elite Fibre requested one CV for Mechanical Drawing.
  • Tiger Tail promotions requested 2 Business Management CVs and one student was hired.
  • 2 Marketing Management CVs were submitted to Saint-Weber.

 (d) Volunteer Programme  

Activities for the year included Volunteer Seminars led by representatives from NGOs, materials development and marketing of the portfolio to all CJC campuses and sites. The Programme launched the CEED ‘Sharp’ Volunteer Programme to motivate students and alumni to volunteer for social/community development initiatives or for career relevant opportunities. The Centre secured an opportunity to participate in a ‘Conquest for Life led Soccer World Cup 2010 Volunteer Activity’ to provide soccer training and viewing of a game in Maraitzburg on June 16, 2010. Fifteen current students and Alumni participated in this Volunteer Activity. Subsequent to that Conquest for Life spoke to 91 students and Alumni at the Alexandra Campus in August, on the benefits of volunteering.

Furthermore; two CJC alumni volunteers have been placed at COSATU House to provide Front Line Communication. Ten current students and alumni visited in September, the Wings for Hope which is a home for children with disabilities based in Pretoria to assist in renovation efforts and landscaping. There are also Walk-ins whereby students and alumni continue to request services for the volunteer programme.

Entrepreneurship Development Unit

(a) The Entrepreneurship Outcomes based Programme (EOP)

EOP commenced in April 2010 following an extensive marketing campaign across all campuses, sites and platforms such as SMS and Facebook to stimulate interest in the programme. During the first briefing session, 102 current students and alumni expressed interest in the programme. When asked to commit to the Phase I assignments and assessments the number of interested candidates dropped to 56. Of the 56, only 25 expressed interest in completing the Key Readings, assignments and assessments for Phase I.  Only 18 completed the assignment and assessments which tested the personality and entrepreneurial qualities and 5 were eliminated for not meeting the minimum standards for proceeding to the next phase.

Phase II of the pre-programme activity tested the participant’s research, writing and presentation skills. Of the 18 candidates who entered this phase, only 13 attempted the assignments and 6 finalists made it to Phase III. Phase III commenced with a focus on Ideas and Innovation as well as extensive workshops focusing on business development. Of the six finalists, two dropped out and the remaining 4 have been placed for experiential training in industry.

As part of its mandate to develop and support small business incubations, CEED has developed a partnership with four students and alumni of CJC from the Music Department. The team has developed a Music group called Radical African Soundz, AKA RAZ. CEED has assigned two UJ interns to manage the group and provide them with performance opportunities. The Centre has created several opportunities for them to perform at Club Pelican in Soweto, Nikki’s in Newtown and the Soweto Festival. The CEED managing team has developed a logo and profile portfolio for the incubation and has developed linkages within the music industry to support the development of this group. CEED will continue to mentor the group for the duration of two years. A second group was identified following the Africa Day performance by Afro Twist though the group is not as enthusiastic for support from CEED.

(b) Other EOP activities

  • In September, 30 current students and alumni participated in the Business Opportunities and Franchise Expo to provide them with a sense of opportunities in the world of entrepreneurship and business development.
  • 200 students and alumni at the Ellis Park Campus participated in an enterprise/business development seminar held by a real estate entrepreneur.
  • On August 13, ManSib Projects, a construction company spoke to 60 Ellis Park students and alumni about the construction industry and opportunities for enterprise in the world of construction.
  • The motivational speaker and entrepreneur Buhle Dlamini, spoke to 40 students and alumni at Parktown Campus on entrepreneurship on August 17.
  • Investec provided a session on Financial Intelligence to 35 students and alumni of the School for Enterprise Development at the Parktown Campus. Walk-ins seeking Entrepreneurship Development Services is on-going.

Alumni Association

CEED has created an Alumni Facebook presence to attract former students and provide information on activities at the College. Visits to the CJC Alumni Facebook page continue to grow, although the current ‘fan’ base is only 69. CEED will continue to market both the Alumni page as well as the CEED Facebook page to Alumni through the SMS. The Alumni page features activities that highlight former students or CJC news and development highlights. The CEED page features career and entrepreneurship relevant information.


Partnerships Development has been a central focus of 2010 activities. The following provides an illustration of some of the partnerships pursued and developed in 2010:

(a) University of Johannesburg, School of Public Relations
CEED has been working in collaboration with the University of Johannesburg, School of Public Relations to provide experiential training opportunities for students from both institutions. The partnership has commenced with CJC taking six PR interns to work with Student Support Services and four interns to work for CEED. Offering a higher calibre of competencies, the UJ interns are providing critical support to both IDS sub-divisions.

CEED looks to continue the engagement with UJ identifying this partnership as a way of creating a vibrant mix of CJC and community youth to take part in the operational support of CEED activities and programmes. The partnership will also look for opportunities of CJC interns being supported at UJ. The demonstration of such a vibrant institution-to-institution collaboration within higher education should encourage support from SETAs to fund the stipends of interns and serves as model for other entities to follow suite and provide experiential training opportunities for a larger segment of students in diploma programmes.

(b) Mail & Guardian
As part of its public relations campaign, the CJC CEED met with the Mail & Guardian to discuss a possible partnership with the College to feature CEED in its various publications. The College is awaiting feedback from Mail & Guardian regarding the proposed partnership.

(c) Edu Skill
The Central Johannesburg College Marketing Department has been advertising in the Edu Skill magazine. The sales representative managing the CJC account made contact with CEED to offer assistance in securing CSI support from Edu Skill clients. Ms. Muller created the opportunity for CEED to meet with Neotel and African Bank. In addition, Ms. Muller is creating the opportunity for CEED to be featured in the upcoming edition at no cost.

(d) Neotel
Neotel in collaboration with an IT and Telecommunication management consultant has developed a Telecommunication Skills Training Programme to be rolled out at FET Colleges. Neotel plans to pilot the project at selected FET Colleges across South Africa and has identified CJC as a prospective host of the programme. The programme provides a platform for a learnership and employment at Neotel for those who excel in the initial skills training at the FETs. The meeting with Neotel confirmed CJC’s interest in participating in the pilot. The meeting also explored collaboration with Neotel around career awareness around telecommunication and the possible funding by Neotel for the Job Fair 2010 Career Day under the theme ‘Exploring TIME’ (Telecommunications, Information Technology, Media and Electronics). The College is waiting on Neotel to proceed and finalize the partnership.

(e) Investec Bank
The Corporate Social Investment Unit of Investec Bank met with CJC CEED to follow-up on earlier discussions around funding for CEED programmes. CEED is waiting to hear from Investec regarding the submitted proposal and areas to be funded.

(f) African Bank
CEED is developing a proposal to submit to African Bank to secure funding for the Entrepreneurship Development Unit.

(g) Centre for Development and Enterprise
The Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE) was recommended by Investec Bank as a prospective partner to collaborate in areas of research and development and to assist the College in extending its networks to aid in the various CEED campaigns, including linkages with industry. A follow-up meeting has been scheduled with the CDE Head of Education to discuss and draw up a plan for collaboration.

(h) German Chamber of Commerce
The German Chamber of Commerce was identified as a potential partner to stimulate industry linkages between the College and its members. The first exploratory meeting resulted in the hosting of the German Chamber of Commerce and delegates from the Province of Baden-Wurttemberg at the CJC Alexandra Campus.

(i) Indwe Risk Services
Mr Sibisi, the HR Director for Indwe Risk Services, participated in the CEED industry led enterprise seminars in Quarter I. He also expressed interest in providing pro-bono services to CEED clients in the Job Readiness Programme. Follow-up meetings to explore collaboration in Job Readiness training for Job Fair 2010 participating exit level students and alumni, were scheduled.

(j) Xtra Space
The storage company Xtra Space contacted CEED to explore opportunities to market services to students. CEED proposed advertising in the CEED newsletter as a strategy to market to students and alumni. Advertising funds generated from such collaboration will pay for the printing of the newsletter and support the publications department of CEED.

Media and Public Relations Campaign

Reputation Matters has entered into a Service Agreement with the College to provide media and public relations services to CEED. The first assignment was to redistribute the Press Release on Green Initiatives at the College. The initial posting by CEED on the South Africa Press Portal (SAPA) generated one interview with a radio station of SABC located in Durban and a series of articles and radio interviews by South Africa The Good News. The redistribution of the CEED/Principal edited Press Release generated a series of articles and interviews including: articles in the Daily Sun, MSN online news, Algoa FM, Biz Community online and radio interviews on SAFM, Talk Radio and Cape Talk 702 and an interview with Education Southern Africa.